Woof-woof, here’s your treat doggy! Get on your knees and bite down hard, the Bound to Please Silicone Dog Bone Gag is the bone to pick for your sexy pup-session. Get a mouthful of silky smooth silicone as you muffle moans and howls with this bone-shaped gag and enjoy looking like the good pooch that you are. The beautifully crafted bone fits in the mouth perfectly and the high quality, body safe silicone ensures that there’s no smell or taste accompanying the realistic rawhide look. Use the two massive O-rings on each side to attach other restraints or a leash and lead your sub to praise or punishment. Adjust the strap to play with the tightness of the gag and have your partner drool with excitement as they take the full width of the bone in. Let them spend some time with this prized treat and padlock the buckle so they can’t escape, this Bound to Please Bone Gag will bring hours of fun and titillation to you and your faithful pup. This is the best delicacy you can offer to your human-canine partner if they are on a veggie diet or prefer things free of animal derivatives – the silky silicone is entirely suitable for vegetarians. It is also easy to clean so you don’t have to worry when you’re going for a walk, your doggy will always be presentable. Throw them a bone and stuff their mouth so they can’t bark or howl with pleasure, the Bound to Please Silicone Dog Bone Gag is a Crufts-level treat for your spoiled puppy. Features:

  • Realistic rawhide bone-shaped silicone mouth gag with black straps
  • Ideal for puppy roleplay
  • Suitable for vegetarians and for those with an aversion to leather
  • Made of body-safe, tasteless, smell-free silicone
  • 1 inch mouthpiece prevents speech
  • 2 O-rings on each side for added creativity and variety
  • Fully adjustable, 10-hole buckle fastening system
  • Padlockable buckle for ultimate security
  • Strap Circumference: 46cm-62.5cm/18.11”-24.6”
  • Bone length: 14.9cm/5.86”
  • Bone circumference: 8.5cm/3.34