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Intimacy and sexual pleasure are the basic ingredients of a spicy relationship. Imagine exploring your new fetishes by experimenting with different sex toys together. However, even if you’re single, you do not have to worry AT ALL! Sex toys pledge to give you the utmost sexual pleasure irrespective of your relationship status. You can now “cum” with adult toys even without a sex partner. Isn’t it exotic?

Taboos associated with sex toys have almost dissolved

Love is cool but enjoying amazing single-sex is no less. Sex toys can make bedtime even more playful which is the right of both genders. Over the past few years, the use of sensual adult sex toys for both men and women has increased with a consequent downfall of associated taboos. Millennials are obsessed with some “good vibrations” and studies suggest that the use of such adult toys improves sexual pleasure and overall health. Lan Kerner, a sex counselor and author of “She Comes First”, calls this era the age of sex toys and renaissance where all men and women can get their hands on some incredible adult toys.

The story doesn’t end here. Adult sex toys are now extending their roots under the shade of sexual health products. Therefore, food-grade and medical products are increasingly used to make high-quality adult toys. According to Berner, a sociologist, and entrepreneur in the sex toy market, people are demanding of high-end sex toys because they do not want to intoxicate their bodies with low-quality stuff.

Sexual well-being with sex toys

The benefits of sex toys extend beyond just sexual pleasure and now encompass sexual well-being as well.

According to one study results, more than half of the women studied used vibrators. Such women were found to be more likely of having a gynecological as well as self-examination of their genital areas than those who did not use sex toys. Moreover, the use of vibrators resulted in a better sexual function through increased sexual desire, better lubrication, and sensual orgasms leading to higher sexual awakening.

A similar study was conducted on men also. According to the results, men who used sex toys had more incidence of testicular examination. Furthermore, the use of sex toys in men was associated with higher sexual satisfaction through higher sexual desire, better intercourse, and improved orgasms. Men with erectile dysfunction also showed improvement.

The increasing awareness about the sexual health benefits of sex toys calls for investment in high-quality toys to improve sexual well-being and satisfaction.

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